We make apartment living easier. For everyone.

Urbanly is a platform designed to make renting more enjoyable, productive, and convenient experience.
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We built the tools to create communities people long to live in.

The best communities are the ones where residents have a vested interest in their surroundings. We designed experiences to boost resident satisfaction and ensure that you are retaining your residents for years to come.

White Label

Use your own branding within the app. Host multiple brands for all your properties.


Measure engagement, retention, incidents with metrics that matter.


Create posts, events, blogs, articles, and groups to drive engagement.


Partner with local businesses to bring services to your residents. 


Surveys, real-time chat, chat-bots, and dynamic email api to enrich your communication pipeline.


Document, automate, and manage community support and incidents all in one place.

Renting shouldn't feel awkward

Extensive features to turn your building into a community

Do less with more
Building a community shouldn't feel tedious.
Use tools that work for you.


Automate tasks, incident reports, and communication.


Personalize resident experiences using data driven decisions.


API's that integrate partnerships, social media apps, and more to enrich the resident experience.

The New
American Dream

With housing prices on the rise, more people than ever are turning to renting. Rental properties are becoming overrun with renters looking for places to live. But people don’t just want a place to lay their heads. People want a home.

As apartment renters ourselves, we at Urbanly have had difficulty finding a place that feels like a home. Often our rental experiences have left us feeling like our needs aren’t prioritized and like we’ve lost a sense of community with our neighbors. Communicating with management becomes an arduous process because we’ve never been granted an efficient communication platform.

We wanted to change this. Not only for ourselves but for the millions of renters like us who are looking for more than just a place to sleep at night and cook our meals. We know that technology allows us to create virtual communities and build great experiences.

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